Will you write a book about Joan Bennet, from A View to a Kiss?

Yes! After I finish up The Truth About the Duke trilogy, Joan will get her own story.

Are you going to write a book about Francis, the Duke of Durham, Margaret's brother from I Love the Earl?

No. To be clear, Francis is the Duke of Durham who dies in Chapter One of One Night in London. It's forty years after Margaret's story. Francis's story isn't really a happy one, but it will be told over the course of the trilogy about his sons. I'm so touched people came to like him and hope he would get a happily-ever-after of his own, but he doesn't, really.

Why do you only post the bonus epilogues here? Why not include them in the book?

Well, the books have to end sometime, and the epilogues are really meant to be just another glimpse of the characters, and maybe hint a little at the next book. For instance, Celia doesn't show up once in What A Rogue Desires, but then she's the main character in the next book, A Rake's Guide to Seduction. Also, I have more time to write and post the epilogues, which I really needed in one case!

Do your books need to be read in a particular order?

That depends. What A Woman Needs is, as of now, a completely independent book (although I would like to revisit a character or two from it). If you haven't read What A Gentleman Wants, though, you should know that What A Rogue Desires will contain spoilers for that story. If you have read What A Gentleman Wants, you can probably guess why—David has to pay the piper eventually… And while I tried hard to make A Rake's Guide to Seduction stand alone, there are family relationships and personalities that will make a lot more sense after reading What A Gentleman Wants and What A Rogue Desires.

That David Reece from What A Gentleman Wants is quite a character. Is he going to get a story?

Coincidentally enough, yes he does.

Is What A Gentleman Wants related or connected to What A Woman Needs?

No, sadly, sometimes what a man wants is completely unrelated to what any woman needs…ahem. No, the books are not really related. The hero and heroine of What A Gentleman Wants are mentioned in passing near the end of What A Woman Needs. At the Throckmorton ball, Charlotte is relieved to see that someone more scandalous than she is at the ball: the duke of Exeter, who has made a sudden and very shocking marriage. Find out how, and why, in What A Gentleman Wants.

Do you plan to write the Duke of Ware's story?

Yes. Definitely. Well, almost for sure. But he's not next, nor even next after that. The trouble is, I feel like I already did write his story; he was one of my "practice novel" heroes. Then when I wrote What A Woman Needs, he was very conveniently at hand, fully fleshed out and everything, when Stuart needed a friend. But that practice novel is in the Novel Protection Program (so it can't embarrass me in public), and I have to re-think the whole story. But I'll get to him eventually.