3.17.14Special bonus offer! Order It Takes a Scandal by May 6, and get three issues of 50 Ways to Sin, including both issues so carefully scrutinized in Love and Other Scandals. Just submit proof of purchase here!

2.26.14Read the Prologue and Chapter One of It Takes a Scandal.

2.3.14I've made my novella, When I Met My Duchess, available for individual purchase. It's the exact same story that appeared in the anthology At the Duke's Wedding, but with an added scene that didn't fit in the anthology. If you've already bought At the Duke's Wedding but would like to read this bonus epilogue, you can find it here.

12.2.13 At long last, I am happy to announce that At the Duke's Wedding is available in print, for those who don't read ebooks. Exact same story, just in paper and ink.

11.11.13 Today for Veteran's Day I have something new: a short story written with soldiers in mind. At least three generations of my family have been in the services, and I was born in a military hospital. To every soldier and sailor away from their family today, come home safe. A portion of the proceeds of this story will be donated to Fisher House Foundation, which helps military families and veterans.

10.1.13 It feels very soon to do this, but the cover and pre-order links for It Takes a Scandal are up. Even the description is out and about, although not always accurately. Amazon and B&N have the right one; Goodreads and a few other places have a verrrry out of date blurb, the one I wrote before I started the book. And sometimes, books do not turn out the way I expect them to… More to come!