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About a Kiss
Desperately Seeking Duke #1.5
ISBN 979-8-9862584-0-9

When he accepts a job as Maximilian St. James’s valet, Kit Lawrence doesn’t expect it to last. But then he meets Jennie Hickson, maid to the new Mrs. St. James, and suddenly he’s hoping to be near her for the rest of his life…

A bonus story to About a Rogue

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Praise for the Desperately Seeking Duke series


A- "Caroline Linden never misses … a darned fine romance, and a lovely book that stands among Linden’s best." —All About Romance

"Brilliant story telling." —Buried Under Romance

"ALL THE DUKE I NEED is fun, warm, and touching, and one that I can heartily recommend." —Roses are Blue

"The romance delivered … a beautiful and emotional ending!" —Overflowing Shelf


"A Scotsman discovers he’s the heir to an English dukedom in Linden’s enchanting second Desperately Seeking Duke historical romance… fans will adore this sparkling love story." —Publishers Weekly

"I was sucked into the story … found myself glued to the page until I reached "The End."" —Novels Alive

"A SCOT TO THE HEART brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart in these two delightful characters finding their heart’s desire in each other." —Fresh Fiction

"Drew and Ilsa have terrific chemistry… the characters and relationships in A Scot to the Heart are beautifully developed and a testament to Linden’s skill as an author." —All About Romance


“Linden begins her “Desperately Seeking Duke” series with a beautifully written, sensual tale that combines slow-burn heat, witty enemies-to-lovers banter, and lush detail…" —Library Journal

☆ "A marriage of convenience becomes more … Warmly satisfying." —BookPage

"Readers will love this fresh take on a classic plot. The distinctive setting and engaging characters are delightful while the Taming of the Shrew aspects of Bianca and Maximilian's relationship provide tart, insightful dialogue." —Shelf Awareness

Inside Story & Bonus Features

This story is a bonus feature! While writing about Max and Bianca (About a Rogue), I fell in love with Jennie the saucy lady's maid, and it was clear Max needed a good man at his side, who turned out to be the valet he'd poached from a friend.

For a future glimpse of Kit and Jennie, check out Desperately Seeking Duke: The Ultimate Epilogue, which revisits all the characters from the Desperately Seeking Duke series. About a Kiss is too short to be in print on its own, so it's included in the print edition of The Ultimate Epilogue.

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