OK, I still don't know why I did this.

Way back in 2007, I wrote a crazy book. It was full-on bonkers, with a lady highwayman trying to steal some cash and a reckless rake of a second son trying to grow up, both of them stubborn as heck but also willing to fly by the seats of their pants, no matter how WTF the ride. (Just admitting I knew this book was crazy, and I wrote it because it was fun)

Anyway, a reviewer over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books reviewed it, and my (elated) surprise, they liked it. Actually kinda loved it. And I was so giddy with delight over this that I wrote a poem in reply—possibly the only poem I've written this side of grade school.

Ode to a Review

Once upon a morning dreary, while I fiddled, meek and lazy
Over the crossword puzzle and my toast,
While I surfed election returns, suddenly there came a chiming,
As of one email, then another, then another yet,
Pinging through my inbox firewall.
"Tis spam," I muttered, "I hate the spam—
almost as much as robocalls."

Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak November,
And a dozen plotlines lay discarded on my office floor.
Eagerly I wished for motive; vainly had I tried to borrow
Some ambition for my next book—ambition lost to
An author's greatest enemy: obscurity.

Presently my interest grew; each pinging of the inbox
Thrilled me—filled me with such anticipation;
So that now, to stop the computer beeping at me, I clicked, repeating,
"It is spam—offering Viagra, porn, or both—
Tis spam filling up my inbox now. Tis that and nothing more."

Presently my mood grew lighter; messages all from friendly names.
"Hey," said I, "no need to beg forgiveness here—
I wasn't working, when so happily you emailed me—
What is new?" Each message did contain a link,
Imploring me to click at once, and so I did, opening my browser wide—
To one freaking awesome review!

"Oh snap!" I cried, "Thing of beauty! Enough to make my whole day sing!
By the Heaven that shines above us&mdsh;by the gods of publishing—
Someone has loved my book! The hero, the heroine, even the plot!
It is funny, this review, almost affectionate—
and for that others might read, and even like the book, too."

I thank you , redheadedgirl, on bended knee; my hands I simply clap with glee.
And when they ask me now, if I read Smart Bitches Trashy Books,
Quoth this author, "Evermore."

PS: This is the review. See why I was so thrilled?

The Reece Family Series

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