When One Night in London came out, I was invited by a blog to contribute a post, and the suggested topic was a pair of love letters between the two main characters.

The Love Letters of Edward and Francesca

My Darling Edward—

I am writing this to you on the morning after our wedding, when we have been man and wife a full day. You have only gone so far away as Holborn, but already I miss you. I feel as giddy as a girl and can only claim an excess of joy as justification. It is still incredible to me that we can be so happy together—and after the way we met! You are too good for me, to overlook my fit of temper then—but perhaps I should have known from that moment, when you proved yourself understanding and patient and so very, very wonderful, that I would lose my heart to you.

My darling, my dearest, I want to make you happy, so happy you will ever overlook my faults. You fill my heart til I think it shall burst.  Yesterday I pledged my love and fidelity; but I should never need the ring on my finger to remind me: I am yours for eternity.

There is a carriage below—I hope it is yours, bringing you home to me again. Oh Edward, sometimes it amazes me how desperately I long for you when we are apart. It is as if I am no longer complete on my own.

I will leave this in your dressing room for a surprise, and so that you may see how deeply your wife loves you on this first day of our life together, and for evermore.

Yours always,


Beloved Francesca—

Should you fear I will never know the depths of your love, set your mind at ease. There is no depth, no height, no distance to the love I have for you; it is boundless and inexhaustible, ever waxing and never waning. If your feelings were only half as deep I should count myself the most fortunate of men. To know your love equals my own brings me to my knees.

Your letter is tucked within my waistcoat pocket—not because my sense of you might dim, but because the sight of those words—I love you—in your own hand will never fail to bring light to my soul. I want them branded upon my very heart.

Yours completely,


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